Frustrated with OAB Treatments That Don’t Work?

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Frustrated with OAB Treatments That Don’t Work? Have you or a loved one been frustrated by the ineffectiveness of your OAB or incontinence treatment? Maureen Durkin is a nurse with Restore My Control. In this video she hits on something many people with OAB have had to deal with: medications that either don’t work or have side effects that they don’t want. Dry Mouth Did you know that dry mouth and dry eyes are the #1 side effects of people using medication to treat overactive bladder? The lack of saliva […]

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OAB Impacts Your Overall Quality of Life

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It’s important to treat overactive bladder (OAB) as both a physical and psychological condition that impacts one’s total quality of life. Involuntary loss of urine can make someone less hesitant to participate in everyday activities as well as the fulfillment of long-term goals. Over time, the presence of urinary incontinence can significantly impact a person’s social life, professional capabilities, and recreational interests. The mental energy expended to deal with persistent OAB symptoms can even distract from the most passive forms of entertainment, like watching television or listening to music. Women […]

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The Unseen Truth Behind Overactive Bladder: Depression

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Overactive bladder (OAB) is an incredibly prevalent health condition, affecting over 33 million adults in the US alone.¹ And yet, one of its most impactful side effects is rarely ever discussed—depression and anxiety. Between embarrassing accidents and symptoms that can disrupt your work, sleep and everyday social life, an overactive bladder can put a lot of stress on a person. In one study, severe to moderate depression was discovered in 59.8% of women suffering from an overactive bladder.² Don’t let OAB get you down. Many people suffering from OAB end […]

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How Is Sacral Neuromodulation Different From Other Overactive Bladder Treatments?

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There are many ways to treat the frustrating symptoms of an overactive bladder. Most people are already familiar with medication and certain forms of surgery, but few people know about a bladder control therapies that employ nerve stimulation, called sacral neuromodulation. Sacral neuromodulation is a bladder control therapy that attempts to fix the communication problem between the bladder and the brain. How bladder control therapy works Sacral neuromodulation involves using a pacemaker-like device to stimulate the sacral nerves near the tailbone. These nerves are responsible for controlling the bladder and […]

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When Is It Time to See the Doctor About an Overactive Bladder?

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Perhaps one of the most disheartening facts about overactive bladder, is that many people don’t ever seek treatment. It’s estimated that 80% of adults suffering from overactive bladder symptoms don’t seek treatment.¹ Some people mistakenly believe that overactive bladder is just an unfortunate consequence of getting older, and others are simply too embarrassed to discuss it — even with their doctor. But there is something you can do. By receiving an official diagnosis for overactive bladder, a doctor can help you seek a treatment that helps you achieve relief from […]

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The Impact of Weight Loss Surgery on Urinary Incontinence

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For people suffering from obesity, weight loss surgery may sound terrifying. However, you might be surprised to learn that weight-loss surgery can have the additional benefit of improving urinary incontinence symptoms. That’s because obesity is a high risk factor for overactive bladder. As many as 70% of obese women also suffer from urinary incontinence.¹ Losing weight, whether through dieting or bariatric surgery, can substantially improve incontinence in overweight people. A study by researchers at University of California San Fransisco School of Medicine showed that the more weight lost, the greater […]

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Are You Seeing the Right Doctor for Your Bladder Problems?

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An unfortunate truth is that many people suffering from an overactive bladder aren’t receiving the full care they need. When it comes to bladder control problems, it’s important to see a doctor who can provide the latest in advanced treatment options. A primary care physician, while convenient, may not always have the expertise needed to recommend certain treatments. Are you seeing the right doctor? Know Your Problem, Know Your doctor A lot of different health problems can affect the bladder—infections, cancers, inflammation, incontinence and more. Just like you wouldn’t hire […]

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A Few Tips for How to Fully Empty Your Bladder

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Are you sure you aren’t cutting your trips to the bathroom too short? One of the biggest reasons for urgency, incontinence and other bladder control problems is that people do not fully empty their bladder when they go to the bathroom! While it might seem trivial, emptying your bladder completely can go a long way toward improving symptoms of incontinence. Here’s what you can do to make sure your bladder isn’t getting the best of you. Stop hovering over the toilet seat. No matter how gross you think public toilet […]