Overactive bladder is NOT a natural part of aging.

Advanced treatment may help you find overactive bladder relief

Does this sound familiar?

"I have to use pads or adult diapers"

People with undiagnosed OAB reported²:

loss of 


"I have to go at least seven times a day!"

"I get the urge to go NOW all the time!"

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"I always have to stay close to the bathroom"


"I have to pay close attention to how much I drink"

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Don't ignore an overactive bladder!

I’m more normal now. I don’t have to worry about the odor or packing extra pads. I have a regular life. I run 5K’s, I travel, I visit my daughter, I don’t have that embarrassment of needing to go to the bathroom or needing to sit at the table closest to the restroom.  

Carolyn H.

There's hope for overactive bladder!

This easy, 2-minute quiz can help you:

  • Learn if advanced bladder treatments may be right for you.
  • Connect with an experienced OAB specialist  trained in the latest treatment options.
  • Start finding relief from OAB symptoms!

Take the OAB quiz!

1. Stewart WF, et al. Prevalence and burden of overactive bladder in the United States. World J Urol. 2003 May;20(6):327-336. 

2. Leede Research, “Views on OAB: A Study for the National Association of Continence.” December 16, 2015.

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