See if you qualify for advanced bladder treatment

Frustrated with

your OAB symptoms?


Does this sound familiar?

If any of these symptoms sound like what you're going through, it may be time to learn if advanced treatment options are right for you.

Monitoring how much you drink

There's hope for overactive bladder.

Carolyn H.

Going more than 7 times a day

Using pads or adult diapers

Getting the "have to go NOW" feeling

If OAB is disrupting your life, don’t choose the silent treatment.

Staying close to the bathroom

I’m more normal now. I don’t have to worry about the odor or packing extra pads. I have a regular life. I run 5K’s, I travel, I visit my daughter, I don’t have that embarrassment of needing to go to the bathroom or needing to sit at the table closest to the restroom.”  

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