Use the Best Specialists for the Best Treatments

Recognized OAB specialists offer direct, personalized care for adults suffering from overactive bladder symptoms.

Specialists help patients achieve bladder control success by developing a range of treatment options that fit their particular lifestyles and health histories.

Restore My Control Recognized Specialists are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Must be an OAB and incontinence specialist
  • Is trained in the latest OAB technologies and treatments
  • Is compassionate, with a patient-first approach

Limitations of Primary Care Physicians

Why seek an OAB Specialist over a Primary Care Physician?

An OAB specialist has a narrow focus and high level of training with bladder conditions, allowing them to run in-depth diagnostic tests and create advanced care pathways for your particular condition. These specialists have extensive knowledge on OAB and which advanced treatments may make a real impact on your quality of life.

While primary care physicians are easily accessible, they often treat such a wide variety of conditions that they may not have the specialized OAB expertise needed to recommend or perform advanced treatments.

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