Where are you in the Care Pathway?

At Restore My Control we believe that finding successful overactive bladder treatments shouldn't be a difficult process. Understanding where you are in the patient care pathway is essential to finding solutions for your condition.


Effective treatment starts with a proper diagnosis. Take the quiz to see if you qualify for an advanced OAB evaluation with a Restore My Control specialist.
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1st Line Treatments:

Lifestyle Modifications

1st Line Treatments are a combination of educational and behavioral therapies. These may include, among other things, bladder training, pelvic floor muscle training, fluid management, and weight loss.
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2nd Line Treatment:

Medication (4-8 weeks)

2nd Line Treatments primarily prescribe medications that work by targeting nerve signals to the bladder to block or help control muscle contractions.
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3rd Line Treatments:

Advanced Therapies

3rd line treatments should be used in cases where lifestyle modifications and medication have failed and OAB symptoms have not improved. You will need a specialist to prescribe these advanced treatments.
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